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[Translate to Dansk:] Better earthmoving results
[Translate to Dansk:] Better earthmoving results on heavy construction sites

bedre resultater med Moba Maskinstyrings-systemer

Maskinstyring til ekstreme arbejdsforhold

På dagens byggepladser, er maskine-styring afgørende. Fordelene ved 2D og 3D maskine-styring har længe bevist deres potentiale... det betyder produktivitet, kvalitet og præcisions stigninger ved brug af sådanne systemer i forhold til maskiner, der arbejder uden Moba styringsteknologier.

Vi udvikler add-on systemer, der kan installeres på en bred vifte af maskintyper. Tekniske løsninger med præcision løsninger, der arbejder tæt sammen med dig for at designe, udvikle, fremstille og integrerer produkter, specielt tilpasset dine behov. Det tætte samarbejde gør det muligt at skabe et system, der passer præcis til dine krav.

Robuste designede maskinstyring-systemer.

Get always well equipped with MOBA System Solutions

Wether through innovative advancements in the Hardware or process-optimizing software upgrades, MOBA´s technologies are constantly changing in order to lay the foundation for future-oriented concepts. With the CANopen bus solution as communications interface individual components cannot only be straightforwardly exchanged but the entire system can be converted and upgraded in a short period of time. This modular design makes the MOBA system applications compatible with any truck and a great varity of applications.

easy 2D excavation control system


The Xsite® EASY 2D system measures depth, range and incline of the bucket, as well as depicts the bucket position graphically and numerically on the display. Using this information, the machine operator always knows the exact position, and work progress. This allows him to work exactly according to plan, precisely implementing the specifications.

Xsite PRO excavation control system


With Xsite® PRO excavator control system, the operator creates a model with several levels, inclining on the comfortable, 8.4 inch display. The 3D excavator control system records depth, incline and range of the excavator bucket, depicting the position on the graphic display. The machine operator can then work to implement the specifications, without corrective work. This saves time, fuel, material and increases the efficiency during machine use.

high end excavation control system

Xsite® PRO ADVANCED - TOP-LEVEL 3D machine control system for your excavator

The Xsite® PRO ADVANCED excavator control system has extensive 3D functionalities. 3D terrain models can be imported via common file formats, used without time-consuming conversion. Using the representation on the high resolution display, the excavator driver can perform complex projects with ease.

smart control system for drill rigs


The MDS-1000 is a simple drilling system for depicting the alignment of the drill carriage or pile driver. Boreholes can then be drilled at the desired angle, and to the desired depth. The system replaces analog measuring techniques. As a result, the drilling system accelerates the work process, making manual re-measurements and corrective work no longer necessary. Work is getting faster, cleaner and more precise, thus money, material and personnel can be saved

precise control system for drill rigs


The MDS-2000 is a drilling system that can perform to its fullest in blast hole drilling, imparticularly. Drill bore holes can then be drilled precisely according to the drilling plan. The drilling system enables the drilling of parallel bore holes, preventing rockfall during blasting, producing a smooth breakoff edge. Safety in the quarry is thereby, increased. In addition to the drilling data, the drilling system also records the engine data of the drilling device.

precise control system for drill rigs

HLC-1000 - Mobile weight capture system FOR WHEEL LOADERS

The HLC-1000 weight capture system for wheel loaders is an easy-to-operate, economical add-on system for dynamic weight check during loading. It prevents overloading of trucks in gravel plants, avoiding unnecessary fines that would otherwise be charged, in the event of overloading.

loading the correct weight accurately

HLC-2000 - Mobile weight capture system FOR WHEEL LOADERS

With the MOBA wheel loader scale HLC-2000, every weighing task is accomplished in the shortest possible period of time. Determine the exact weight of a load quickly and reliably during the loading process. Thanks to the dynamic weighing process you know immediately how much has been loaded – without any additional effort. The omission of a stationary weighing system saves time and optimises your work processes.

Laser Land Leveling system

LLS - Laser Land Leveling system for grader blades and scrapers

A common problem in agriculture is uneven land that prevents an even water and fertilizer coverage, which results in uneven crop stands, uneven maturing crops and increased weeds. As a consequence, farmers report reduced crop yield and grain quality. The solution to prevent such undesired outcomes is easy: effective land levelling.

Grade and Slope control for scrapers and kilvers


Grading plays a significant role in agriculture. On an even cropland, plants can equally be planted, watered and fertilized. Those efficient work processes not only save considerable time but also conserve resources. Through an optimized irrigation and fertilization, also a steady growth is ensured. The farmer thus benefits from an increase in growth of up to 25%!

precise grade and slope control for shields and blades

GS-506 - 2D machine control for smoother planum results in earthworks

As a 2D leveling system, the GS-506 offers precise and reliable height and slope control and a high level of flexibility in the choice of sensors and fields of application. The increased productivity ensures that all leveling is performed faster and more accurately. The system saves time and money. With its height accuracy it is eliminating the need for staking out and for correction works.

precise grade and slope control for shields and blades

MOBA 3D-matic - 3D machine control for more PRECISION AND EFFICIENCY

With the MOBA 3D-matic leveling system, dozers achieve highly precise results. This system is easy to operate and use. The work process is accelerated, making surveying work and manual control measurements are no longer necessary. On the well-organized 7 inch touch-screen display, the driver sees the actual position and the derivation to the digital model. If no project data is availabe, simple profiles can also be created with the system.

accurate compaction control system


With the MCA-500, it is possible to control compaction performance. This system monitors compaction during the job, thus improving the compaction result. Over and under-compaction are avoided, factors that often lead to premature wear, or potholes. The system is cost-effective, economically, and easy to operate with a self-explanatory symbol language.

accurate compaction control system


The MCA-3000 is an add-on roller system for optimum compaction in earthworks as well as asphalt paving on tandem rollers and single-drum compactors. The compaction system enables efficient roller use and supports the driver by visualizing all important compaction information on the color display.

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