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MOBA Mobile Automation AG has been awarded with the Digitization Prize of the IHK for its revolutionary System PAVE-IR at the annual reception of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK) yesterday evening. EU Commissioner for Digital Economy and Society, Günther Oettinger, had traveled all the way from Brussels to award MOBA with the prize.

With the PAVE-IR, MOBA Mobile Automation AG has developed a system that measures the temperature of the asphalt already during the paving process and makes it available for post-analysis. This allows the process to be optimized directly and in real-time - because the right temperature of the material is a decisive factor for the longevity of the road. With its open interfaces, the innovative system offers direct digital data for reporting tools or asphalt logistics programs. Asphalt pavers are thus optimally equipped for the connected construction site of the future. According to the Commissioner of the European Union, the digital revolution of all sectors of the economy and society is an important step into the future. Systems, such as PAVE-IR, significantly contribute to technological progress. The award ceremony, designated for a particularly innovative solution, was the highlight of the 2-year IHK campaign "Digital Economy. Unlimited. Promising. ". PAVE-IR thus is an important milestone, not only for the modern construction site, but also for the industrial digitization 4.0.

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IHK Digitization Prize for MOBA
Proud winner, MOBA management board member Dr. Holger Barthel, IHK president Ulrich Heep (left) and EU Commissioner Günther Oettinger (right) / Foto: Nassauische Neue Presse
IHK Digitization Prize 2016
IHK Digitization Prize 2016