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Our apprenticeship graduates Florian Freisberg (Elz) and Maximilian Mannes (Holzappel) are Apprenticeship Champions 2015! For having passed their finals with an “A” they were honored by the president of the Industrie- und Handelskammer, Ulrich Heep, at the end of last year. After all, they are among the best 24 out of 581 attendees in the region. Congratulations to your exceptional performance! We are very proud of our ambitious young professionals and wish them the right motivation as well as the necessary ambition for a successful career.

We owe the success, inter alia, our unique, expert and targeted apprenticeship that distinguishes itself by the time-consuming, individual support of our in-house apprenticeship manager Frank Wolf. His expertise, long-term experience and a lot of heart and soul are rewarded with eager and enthusiastic apprentices.

Practical teaching methods allow students to get to know all MOBA systems very early. In a very short time they thus grow in the enterprise as competent, both in theory and practice savvy employees. At the same time, the international presence of the MOBA-Group inspires our students to deal with the global development of mobile automation. In this way, we secure long-term first-class quality and lay a foundation for future-oriented progress.

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From left to right: Norbert Oestreicher (Managing Director IHK Limburg), Florian Freisberg, Maximilian Mannes, Frank Wolf und Ulrich Heep (President IHK Limburg)