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MOBA Mobile Automation AG is reinforcing its commitment in the sale of control systems for earthmoving machinery with the formation of the new earthmoving division, concentrating on Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Volker Harms, MOBA CEO: "We expect this strategic realignment in the earthmoving sector to significantly reinforce our operations in the German-speaking market. The new division puts MOBA in an ideal position to operate in the continuously growing market, and meet the demand for earthmoving machinery control technology". Andreas Velten is the head of the new division, with many years of expertise in complex system solutions, particularly in the construction machinery controller sector. Andreas Velten, head of the earthmoving division: "Setting up a network for market support and dividing into regions means that we are always quickly on site for our customers, and can provide optimal service and support at regional level, particularly for small and medium-sized construction companies and construction machinery dealers".


An increasing number of construction companies are dealing with increasing demands such as aggressive pricing, time pressure and high quality standards in earthwork by using control systems on their machines. This allows them to achieve precise results, even with limited resources and tight deadlines.
Many larger earthwork projects such as motorways and embankments are already planned and created digitally in 3D. For these particular tasks, MOBA supplies 3D machine controllers for excavators, dozers and graders.

Other construction measures, particularly projects such as supply shafts, channel construction and foundation construction, are not planned in 3D. However, in this case, the results can be improved significantly using 2D machine controllers, and the use of the machinery can be made more efficient. MOBA supplies suitable solutions for this with 2D control systems for excavators, dozers and graders.
MOBA systems are specifically designed for use under harsh environmental conditions, and are characterised by their robust, compact and stable design. During deployment, the control systems are easy to operate, have a wide range of functionality and operate with precision and reliability. Another advantage of MOBA systems is the support that is provided, which is available directly on-site or in the form of remote maintenance, and provides quick and straightforward assistance if questions or problems arise.


From September 9th to September 13th, MOBA shows the Xsite excavator systems, the 2D and 3D machine control systems for graders and dozers as well as the new wheel loader weighing system at Nordbau in Neumünster in hall 6, booth 6113.

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From left to right: Andreas Hammann, Markus Steinebach, Andreas Held, Volker Kuch, Andreas Velten (Director BU Earthmoving), Marcus Baksmeier
Interview Director Earthmoving Andreas Velten