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MOBA Mobile Automation AG will take the opportunity of the international access platform exhibition APEX Amsterdam 2017 to present its new releases for aerial work platforms and mobile cranes from 2 to 4 May at RAI Amsterdam. The highlights on its booth No. 170 inside the exhibition hall will be the new CAN Wifi Gateway for a time-efficient remote support, an End Of Line tool for safety relevant configurations and the modular control panel MCP.

Remote Support with CAN WiFi Gateway

In a support case, this special gateway enables the user to connect his or her smartphone with the system in order to provide remote access for the support team. As soon as a connection to the Cloud is established, the support team can start their work, e.g. remotely checking the configuration or updating the software on the machine. This innovative Remote Access Support Solution provides the possibility to reduce downtime due to real-time support on the spot. This does not only save time for the operator but also provides OEMs with the opportunity to expand their service by reducing response times to support requests. Unlike current remote support solutions, this solution does not require a SIM card. Monthly fees or subscription costs thus are omitted.

End Of Line Tool for More Insights

MOBA Mobile Automation AG developed a software that allows a connection between a computer and the automation system for aerial work platforms and cranes. By this means, settings and parameters can easily be accessed and adjusted. The decisive advantage is that this End Of Line tool provides remote access to system configurations. It thus time-efficiently facilitates the setup of a system on a machine, the setting of system parameters and the access to logged data and statistics. Its use for testing and parameter tuning purposes is particularly beneficial for OEMs who develop, produce and support aerial work platforms and cranes. 

Expanded Modular Concept – The MCP

Another highlight will be the modular control panel MCP for aerial work platforms and mobile cranes. As the expansion of the proven modular concept HMImc, it provides multiple combinations of different modules. Beside the standard requirements of any HMI, the control panel leaves room for individual adjustments, making it a true chameleon. Thanks to the modular design, all components can easily be exchanged at any time. Patented technologies, such as a contactless joystick, save time in case of replacement and increase the serviceability of the panel. Besides the hardware, also the software is designed for a long-term use. By means of an integrated USB-interface software updates can be carried out anytime. Such time and cost efficient upgrades not only increase the durability of the system, but also significantly contribute to a short maintenance time.  

MOBA Group

The MOBA Mobile Automation AG is a global player in the mobile automation. With more than 40 years of experience, it provides automation technology for various industries and supports projects with all-round solutions: conception, development, product launch and reliable premium service at all times. High standards with exceptional individuality and flexibility of all solutions are the focus of MOBA’s work. 

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APEX Amsterdam Booth Design MOBA
APEX Amsterdam Booth Design MOBA